Pre-school theme: Making food

Sunday School theme: First Deacons distribute food to the widows


  1. Using ready-made cakes or muffins have the children decorate them with icing sugar/frosting and cake decorations.
  2. Click on the PDF below and print out the picture below of cakes for the children to colour in and decorate with sequins and glitter.



The story of the first Christians looking after and feeding widows in their care can be found in the Bible in the book of Acts 6 v 1 – 7.

Please find below my own action version of the story adapted for younger children:

Does anyone here have any favourite food? What are your favourite foods? (discuss the children’s favourite meals with them). 
Today’s story is about some ladies who had very rumbly tummies! – can you rub your tummy as  if you were very hungry? That’s it well done! Well these ladies were very hungry.  It was very sad because not only were they hungry but they were feeling very sad…(show a sad face and say….ahhh). Can you show me your sad faces? These poor ladies didn’t have a Daddy around or a husband, They were all alone! That is sad isn’t it! Just imagine feeling all alone and very hungry. Would that feel nice? No  it wouldn’t, would it. Well the first Christians thought this was sad as well, so they decided that they would do something to look after the hungry, sad, lonely widows. What they did was to give 12 men the job of having to make sure the hungry ladies were all looked after and given tasty food so they would no longer be hungry. That is very kind isn’t it!  Now the ladies would feel loved (give each other a hug to feel loved) and they wouldn’t have to feel hungry again. They felt happy -can you show me your happy face while you rub  your tummy to show it is nice and full.

Activity:   Using dressing up clothes have half the children dress up as the widows in the story and the others act out how they are going to help them, using the toys in the home corner/kitchen area as well.

Songs: 5 currant buns in the baker’s shop