Pre-school theme: Body Parts (Eyes)

Sunday School: Jesus heals the man born blind.

Craft: Click on the thumbnail below to open the PDF file for the opening eyes faces puppet craft. Instructions for the craft are on the document alongside any templates needed. The craft will need a straw and some sticky tape along with crayons per person per craft.

Story: The story of Jesus healing the man born with eyes that wouldn’t work can be found in the Bible in the book of John 9.

Please find below my own action version of the story adapted for younger children:

Our theme at the moment is different parts of the body. Can anyone tell me what you call these parts of your body? – pointing to your eyes– Yes! That’s right…eyes! Can you tell me what you can see with your eyes at the moment? –discuss the children’s answers- 
Well, today is a story about a man who from even when he was first born couldn’t see anything! Now that is sad, isn’t it? Can you close your own eye really tight so you can pretend to be like that man whose eyes just wouldn’t work? When someone’s eyes won’t work we say they are blind and this man was born blind. 
Now one day Jesus was walking along a road when he met this man and he decided he was going to make him better. So he bent down on the ground and made some mud and wiped it on the man’s eyelids and then told the man to go to a nearby pool to wash the mud off. When the man washed off the mud he was so very happy… Can you show me your happy faces… The man’s eye now worked and he could see. Even his next-door neighbours couldn’t believe it…they said: “Well it looks like the same man…but it can’t be because this man can see, the man we know is blind!”
The man tried to tell the people who came to him with questions about what had happened about what Jesus had done for him, but instead of them being happy for him they were angry and were not nice to him!
Although other people weren’t happy with him, he was happy he had met Jesus and that Jesus had changed his life not just his eyes.

Activity:   Take some shoelaces and have the children try and thread them through either large holed beads, or an empty thread spool. Once the children manage that, ask them to try to do it again, but this time with their eyes closed! Aren’t jobs made a lot harder when we can’t see! 

Songs:    Two little eyes to look to God.
                 Head and shoulders, knees and toes.