Pre-school theme: Body Parts (Mouth)

Sunday School: God provides manna to eat in the desert

Craft 1: Make a healthy mouth using red paper for the lips, and white paper for the teeth shapes. Children can practice “brushing” these mouths using paper brushes. They can feed the mouth healthy foods by glueing on pictures of healthy foods.

Craft 2:

Select a large, red apple of your choice. Using a red apple will help to create pretty lips for your mouth,  Depending on the number of people creating their healthy snack, one apple generally will yield enough segments for four people. Give each person one disposable plate or napkin.
With the assistance of an adult, use the apple corer, and remove the apple’s core. Using a sharp knife, slice the apple in half. Then continue to slice the apple into segments that are approximately a 1 cm (1/2 inch) wide.
Once you have the apple divided into segments, give each person that is creating their own mouth two segments of apple.
Check with all participants to see if anyone has a nut allergy, then select the appropriate spread for the apple — which can be either peanut butter or a peanut butter alternative. If an alternative is not available, apricot jam or marmalade will work just fine as well. Using the small serving cups, give each person 1 Tbsp. of spread.
Using the butter knife or Popsicle stick, evenly spread the peanut butter, or the alternative, on one side of each apple segment. Place each segment next to each other, with the spread side up.
Each person should then be given five to six mini white marshmallows each. Using one apple segment, place the marshmallows along the edge of the apple, where the skin and flesh meet. The marshmallows should appear to curve with the shape of the segment.
Once all of the marshmallows have been placed on the spread, take your other apple segment, and carefully place it on top of the marshmallows. Make sure you try to align the apple as evenly as possible. Then, press down on the fleshy part of the apple that is opposite of the skin.
Story: The story of God providing Manna to eat in the desert can be found in the Bible  in the book of Exodus 16:11 – 15 & Exodus 16: 31

Please find below my own action version of the story adapted for younger children

God provides honey flavoured mana for His people in the wilderness. What is your favourite food ? Give picture examples (pdf of food ). Which one is your favourite out of these? Have you ever been really, really hungry? Isn’t it nice when your tummy is making loud grumbly growling noises and someone shouts ” Food is ready!” So when the food arrives on a plate in front of you looking lovely, Do you dive in and shove the food down your ear? No!that would be silly! Tell me do you put it in your sock for your feet to eat? No! What about up your nose?.No! What part of the body do we use to eat food? Yes, that’s right we use our mouths. Today’s story is all about a time when God made sure His special people had food to put in their mouths to fill in their tummies when there was no food around for them to get for themselves. These people were busy escaping from a really mean and nasty ruler. They had travelled many days and now they had run out of food! Oh no! What were they going to do? They were all feeling a bit frightened and sad. Moses, who was their leader told them not to worry and that he knew if he talked to God that God would know exactly what to do to keep them safe. God told Moses not to worry because of God himself who send the food down fresh every morning. Every one was to gather the white flaky food, just enough for that day except. For the Friday morning when they gathered enough for 2 days so Saturday was their day off. The food got a nickname which was the word, Manna. The word Manna means “What is it?!” So every morning the people collected a fresh basket full of “What is it”. That’s a funny name for a plate of food. The Bible tells us that the food God sent down every morning was white tiny flakes that tasted of honey. Isn’t that good! Now, who here knows what we should do at least twice a day after we have eaten. Yes, that is right we should brush our teeth. Let me show you something interesting. See these eggs here… They look very dirty, don’t they? Well, our teeth get dirty when we eat food. So let’s pretend these eggs are our teeth and we are going to brush them clean. Now tell me which looks better? It is the same with your teeth!

Activity:   Importance of Brushing Teeth – Boil eggs in water with a tea bag. The tea will stain the egg brown. Once the egg cools, give each child a toothbrush and show them how to brush the egg. The brown stains will disappear as the children brush. Talk to the children about how important it is to brush our teeth well.

Songs:    Brush your Teeth (sung to Row, Row, Row your Boat)
Brush, brush, brush your teeth
At least two times a day
Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning
Fighting tooth decay!

Brush your Teeth (sung to Row, Row, Row your Boat)
Brush, brush, brush your teeth.
Brush them every day.
Up and down, and round and round.
Scrub the germs away