We appreciate that going to a church for the first time can be quite overwhelming and even uncomfortable. 
We want you to know that you will be made most welcome. 

Where should I park?
You will find a car park at the back of the church building. Any cars with a blue disabled badge may park on the parking space right by the main entrance. 
What should I Wear?
You will find at Mow Cop Community Church that some like to come in suits, others in more casual garb. God is more interested in the heart than your outward appearance- and so are we. 
Where should I Sit?
There are no reserved seats; sit where you are most comfortable. 
Should I bring Money?
Normally we do not take an offering during a service. There is an offering box in the main hall where anyone who wishes may place their offing or donation. 
What about children?
During our family worship on a Sunday morning all children are encouraged to feel a part of the service. Whist the sermon is happening the children (from ages 3-11) are invited to go out and join the Trailblazers Sunday School to learn from the same text usually as is being spoken about with the adults. If needed there is always a room available to take younger babies (under 3’s) where there is a monitor so you can still see what is happening in the main service. 
What will happen during the meeting?
We will sing a number of songs, from both the screen at the front or from a hymn book if you have sight problems. We usually stand up to sing, but you can remain seated if you wish.
We normally have an open-prayer time. This gives people in the congregation the chance to pray out-loud if they wish. Don’t worry, you will not be asked or expected to do this. We usually remain seated when we pray, quietly listening. We don’t usually kneel, but you may do so if you wish. During a Sunday Family service after the prayer time we normally introduce the subject/bible passage for the children and adults through our children talk/activity.Someone will then get up to preach. They will read from the Bible, and then spend time explaining the passage and applying it to peoples lives. 
Once a month in the evening (1st Sunday of the month normally) we have Communion. You do not have to be baptised or a church member to eat the bread or drink the wine- we just ask that you love the Lord Jesus and understand that He died in your place on the cross, and have asked Him to be Lord (boss) of your life. This is a more quiet and contemplative service. 
How long will the meetings last?
Sunday morning typically runs from 10.30 – 12.00 noon, Sunday evening from 6pm – 7.30pm. Services are generally followed by tea/coffee/juice. 
What about the disabled?
The church is all on the ground floor and has full disabled access.If you are approaching the church from the street there is a gentle sloping path to the main entrance a little further up from the steps onto the church grounds. If you are coming from the car park you can either park on the disabled parking bay next to the entrance or go via the ramp or rail supported steps from the car park. 
For the visually impaired there is a large print Bible and large print hymn/chorus sheets can be easily obtained upon request. 
If any deaf sign language users visit us then we can easily have any meeting interpreted in to BSL or SSE for them upon request. The church also has a loop system in the main hall for the hearing impaired. 
We have a well equipped Disabled toilet with lower height baby changing facilities for accessibility for disabled careers looking after their babies. 
What if I arrive late?
We know that lateness can’t always be avoided- especially if you’re new to the area. Simply come in and take a seat. One of the stewards will be available to pass you one of the church Bibles and welcome you. 
Any further questions?
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch and ask. If you are a little unsure about coming, perhaps you could bring a friend. Or you might want to meet with the Pastor or email us, and someone can meet you on the door and sit with you. Or you can turn up on the spare of the moment as well ! If you have any questions when you arrive, our stewards will be pleased to help.
We look forward to seeing you!

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