Pre-school theme: Body Parts (Hands)

Sunday School: Jesus uses his hands to bless the children

Craft: Make a multi-coloured handprint poem to take home.

Story: The story of Jesus placing His hands on the children’s head to bless and pray for them can be found in the Bible in the book of Matthew 19:13 – 14 ( Mark 10:13 – 16, Luke 18:15 – 17).

Please find below my own action version of the story adapted for younger children:

Who here likes helping tidy up or even do some cooking at home? How does Mummy or Daddy do the cleaning at home? Do they fold up the laundry like this…(put the item of clothes on the floor and fold it up using your feet ). No, they don’t normally use their feet, do they… Which part of the body do they normally use? Yes, that is right! They use their hands, don’t they? We use our hands for lots of different things. Now if you put your hand onto the box and pick up one thing with your hand. Can you guess what it is? Now pass it round so everyone can have a feel of your item out of the box. Is it smooth? Is it rough? Does it feel hard or soft? We can tell all this by using our hands. In our story today we find that Jesus uses his hands for different things.


  1. Take a cardboard box and put in some objects that the children will have to guess what it is. Have the children to close their eyes while they put their hands in the box and guess what the object is.
  2. Get the children to mime several things they do with their hands, i.e. Brush hair, using a knife and fork, fold up some clothes.

Songs: If you are happy and you know it claps your hands,

Clappy handies Daddy comes, with a pocket full of plums