Pre-school theme: Body Parts (Hearts)

Sunday School: Prodigal Son

Craft: Click the PDF file below for the Love Banner craft. The craft will need a length of ribbon and some sticky tape along with crayons per person per craft.


Story: The story of the prodigal son in the Bible in the book of Luke ch 15:11 – 32

Please find below my own action version of the story adapted for younger children:

Can everyone jump up and run on the spot – after a few moments have the children stand still and put their hands over their hearts and feel it bumping away. Can everyone feel their heart beating in their chests because they have been working hard? Well the heart is the body part we are looking at today. Our hearts do lots of things, the help pump the fuel we need for our body to just the right places to keep us going, in the Bible it is sometimes says that it is in our hearts that we feel happy (have the children show you their happy faces) or sad (have the children show you their sad faces) or we feel kind (have the children show you their kind faces) or even selfish and mean (have the children show you their selfish and mean faces). Sometimes as well we can feel love in our hearts. 
Today’s story is about a Daddy who loved his son with all his heart even when his son’s heart was feeling selfish and mean. There are time too when we can feel selfish and always want our own way. In our story the Daddy was a rich farmer and he had two sons. One of the sons worked hard for his Daddy and the other son felt very selfish and didn’t want to work at all! In fact he said to his Daddy ” When you are dead I know I will be given some of what you own and some of your pennies…I don’t want to wait till then I want it all now! The Daddy felt very sad that his son was acting so mean but he told his son he could have the pennies now and very sadly gave the bag of money to him (have the children show you their sad faces). The son thought this was fantastic and decided to leave home right away and spent all his pennies on parties and doing whatever he wanted. He had lots of  people who said they were his friends while he was spending pennies on them but when he looked into his purse one day  (pretend to open a purse and shake it out because it is empty) and found it was empty! Oh no! He has wasted all his pennies! (have the children show you their shocked faces) and now he has nothing left and his tummy is feeling hungry – have the children rub their tummies. In the end the son managed to get a job looking after very……smelly…..pigs!!!  He was so very hungry that he started to eat the slop that he was giving the piggies to eat. Isn’t that awful. The son realised that he was being silly and decided that he would go back to his Daddy. He knew he had been a very mean boy and his heart felt so very sad and very sorry for what he had done. He wondered that maybe his Daddy would give him a job as a servant if he pleaded with him enough, because he knew he really didn’t deserve anything. He was still thinking about this as he started walking down the road that lead to his home. What the son didn’t realise was that the Daddy had never stopped loving his mean hearted son and had spent day after day looking out down the road hoping that one day he would see his boy coming back home.Have the children pretend their hands are binoculars and look out for the son through them like the Daddy did. You see the Daddy’s heart was full of love for his son and was there waiting to forgive his son. As the Daddy looked down the road and saw his son he stopped everything and started to run towards him. He threw his arms around him and changed his son’s dirty smelly clothes for rich, clean clothes. The Daddy was so pleased he held a party  and told all his friends “My son was lost but now he is found!”

Activity: Have the children run on the spot for a few minutes and then help them listen to their own heartbeat by using a stethoscope onto the left side of their chest and the earpieces in their own ears.

Songs: Head and shoulders, knees and toes.